For partners

The Adopus-Consult company was created by a group of specialists having a long track record in the meat-processing industry and on the market of food processing equipment and technologies as well as practical experience in designing and creating modern processing facilities. We specialize in providing consulting services to food-processing companies.

Our main fields of activities are as follows:
- design and operations planning of semi-finished products processing facilities
- design and operations planning of ready meals processing facilities
- design and operations planning of salad processing facilities
- ham and gourmet food processing automation
- design of conveyor lines for deboning and sinew removal
- efficient solutions for canned food processing facilities
- audit and reorganization of steam boiling stations

We also act as an agent of various European companies on the Russian market, and we offer the following services: delivery and customs clearance of equipment, spare parts and other types of products, certification, commercial interests representation, organization of exhibitions, seminars etc.

Tel/fax +7 495 799 91 91
Post office box: 60B, Doroznaya str., 117405 Moscow, Russian Federation